USB to ADB and back again

Here we have my colour classic running a modern USB Apple keyboard mouse. How you say? Well, a chap called Steve at his site makes several unique and quite clever gadgets for vintage mac owners. There is more info on the ADB <> USB converter here: but essentially its a hardware converter for either using a USB keyboard and mouse with an ADB equipped mac or using an ADB keyboard and mouse with a USB equipped device. Hardware aside, the board currently supports ANSI and ISO mappings. US keyboards are fully supported while others are via the ISO standard. It’s firmware is upgradeable via USB flash.

If you have a vintage mac please check out the links.

Maths Lesson?

Our FPU for the colour classic arrived in the post today. Fingers crossed it speeds up the machine!


This little gizmo converts USB HID devices to ADB and vice versa. Works really well and as intended.

Colour Classic

Big thank you to mac memories for these rare 30 pin simms. I have now maxed out the colour classic to a whopping 10 megabytes of ram but it will now run open transport meaning when the ethernet cards arrive I can run an IPstack. Installation was simple – remove the trap door and pull out the logic board. Insert RAM and replace.

Frequency clear?

The mac idiots RGB to SVGA converter arrived this morning. That meant we could fire up Andy’s IIcx and switch it over to a whole 16 colours!