It’s been a while….

…but mac-mann has been upgraded to ubuntu 18 LTS! The automated update didn’t go too well and broke Apache. However it was quick to spin up a new VM on the Mac-Mann cloud. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned for more updates.


Busman’s Holiday

Its been a busy week so far at…the website is now running on a LAMP cluster with MySQL replication. Not bad for ยฃ120 in raspberry pi’s.

I have also installed VMWare ESX on my mac pro tower and P2V’d my ubuntu NAS and the original web server.

Stay tuned for more updates. ๐Ÿ™‚


Its been an interesting week. Today I set up an AFP server with NETATALK on ubuntu and a bit of SAMBA. This now means that the old world MACS and new school MACS have a share that can be read from and written to. I used this guide here:

For my next trick, I have bought a raspberry pi which I am going to set up as a NAS for my MAC and PC friends.

PowerBook G3

Below is a picture of my DTP powerhouse – the G3 powerbook. I am going to be running pagemaker and photoshop on it as well as connecting the scanner direct. Running OS 9.2 it is even possible to connect to the internet. ๐Ÿ™‚

StyleWriter II

Here’s my new style writer II. Apple’s second attempt at a low cost mono bubble jet printer. Basically a rebadged canon. It only supports local talk so can only be directly connected to a mac with a dedicated printer port. However later versions of OS 7 allowed the printer to be shared on ethertalk networks (which is what I am doing with the LC475 its sat on top of). The printer is quite slow by todays standards but does output quite well. Perfect companion to the colour classic as they were often sold as a bundle.

Desktop Publishing Rig

Armed with a scsi scanner, a powerbook and pagemaker here’s my DTP rig. The powerbook is one of the most versatile machines I own. It has whopping 80 megabytes of RAM meaning I can scan using photo shop and insert in to page maker.

My Favourite Waste of Time :)

I’ve always been a mac fan. Since the early 90s. Schools on the Isle of Man were blessed with Mac Plus and Classics for us to get to grips with. Clarisย Works and Pagemaker were king. Laserwriters provided output if only a little bit slow. Graphically these machines were way ahead of their time. I began buying older Mac’s in the 00’s. Machines I couldn’t afford as a teenager. I still have my first power mac 7600 today. My blue and white G4 still acts as my fileserver.

My favourite mac has to be the colour classic for its all in one configuration and colour screen. Sadly there are some design flaws which make it limited but I still make good use. Finally is my colour one scanner. 1200×1200 dpi and true colour from the late 90s the PC just couldn’t compete. I have a desktop publishing rig consisting of a power book 3400c and a one scanner which can easily rival todays standards.

Cee Cee Mark II

My new colour classic ๐Ÿ™‚ Which I have upgraded to OS 7.5 and installed Claris Works and Hypercard. Made in 1992 with a 32bit processor on a 16bit bus the design was flawed. However they are a great little machine. Its rumoured you can (if you can find one) fit the LC575 board and upgrade the RAM past the measly 10Megabytes.