Loads of new stuff


Just a short post to say there have been many changes at mac-mann. When I get some time I will post a write up. Needless to say the site is now fully resilient with two physical hosting locations and a private/public cloud as well as CDN.

New Infrastructure

This week has been an interesting one for Mac Mann. First off I built an AFP to NFS gateway using a Raspberry PI so my old macs running apple talk can share with my other systems via Samba. Also this weekend I moved the mac mann website “in house” on my own private proxmox cloud. Proxmox is a versatile virtualisation product at a fraction of the cost of VMWare. The free version does most things people (clustering, live migration) want but most importantly the backups do restore and work!

With bringing the website back to the Mac (proxmox is running on a mac pro). I needed some features I’d miss from the previous set up so today I built an NGINX (pronounced Engine X) server to cache but most importantly to automatically display a maintenance page whenever I reboot the webserver.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Open heart surgery.

Little job for MacMum. Reports of printer printing faint. New toner didn’t help so a bit of open heart surgery later (stripped it down and cleaned all the optics) MacMum’s printer lives to print another day..

It’s been a while….

…but mac-mann has been upgraded to ubuntu 18 LTS! The automated update didn’t go too well and broke Apache. However it was quick to spin up a new VM on the Mac-Mann cloud. 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates.


Busman’s Holiday

Its been a busy week so far at MAC-MANN.com…the website is now running on a LAMP cluster with MySQL replication. Not bad for £120 in raspberry pi’s.

I have also installed VMWare ESX on my mac pro tower and P2V’d my ubuntu NAS and the original MAC-MANN.com web server.

Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂